MLB The Show 22 is going to be an intriguing release on the Switch in early April, with the Nintendo's hybrid system getting a version alongside PS4 / Xbox One and PS5 / Xbox Series X|S. It'll be a fully cross-platform experience too - on Switch you'll be able to take on PlayStation and Xbox players in online matches, and transfer and share your account progress between versions if you have multiple copies.

The game had a Switch trailer in the recent Nintendo Direct, though our feelings from the very brief footage were certainly mixed. Thankfully plenty will be able to take an early look when the game gets an online 'Technical Test' later this week on all platforms. The downside? It's only for players in the United States and Canada, so if - like this scribe - your Switch account is EU-region you're probably out of luck. You need to have Nintendo Switch Online membership to access the test; when it launches we'll test downloading it from the NA eShop and then loading it with our EU-based NSO account, though we suspect this won't work.

In any case, for those of you that can take part it'll be live from about 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern on 17th February and run for 6 days. The app should appear on the eShop tomorrow on 16th February, if you want to get ready ahead of time.

Also if you want to give feedback to the test on the official forums you'll need to have an MLB The Show account, so be sure to read all the information on this official page if you want to set one up [Updated: this isn't needed to access the game in the technical preview, as previously stated].

Beyond that, a new mode has also been confirmed - online co-op. This will allow you to play in 2v2 and 3v3 matches online, even sharing Diamond Dynasty cards with your teammate to put together dream teams.

So there you have it, are you planning to try MLB The Show 22 out on Switch once the tech test goes live?