Try not to get too excited now, but the Metroid Prime 4 developer Retro Studios has just updated its banner on Twitter.

Yes, it's perhaps the most significant update we've got in some time from the Nintendo studio working on what's arguably one of the most important upcoming first-party releases. Until now, we've not really heard much from the team - apart from the fact it's been on a recruitment drive for all sorts of talent. Its HQ was also remodelled last year to aid the development of MP4.

The new banner on display shows a character - who appears to be Samus Aran - in some sort of dimly lit alien-like corridor. We guess it has some sort of link to the fourth entry. The previous banner was an image of Retro's company logo.

Retro Studios' new Twitter banner (via @Doctor_Cupcakes on Twitter)

While a banner update on a social media profile normally wouldn't be big news, considering all the setbacks Metroid Prime 4 has suffered and the amount of silence from Retro during development, this has certainly generated some buzz online.

Last month marked three years since Metroid Prime 4's development had been scrapped and restarted. And last June marked four years since the game was first announced. When do you think we'll see Samus Aran's next outing or just the return of Metroid Prime series in general? Leave your thoughts down below.

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