Metroid Prime 4

There are plenty of fantastic games headed to Nintendo Switch this year – more than we'll ever find the time to play, no doubt – but even with all of those on the way, our minds can't help thinking about another game. You know the one. Well, you should know the one given the headline of this article.

Yes, Metroid Prime 4 is still sadly nowhere to be seen following several years of development. Today marks the third anniversary of Nintendo's announcement, presented by Shinya Takahashi, that revealed the game's progress would be completely scrapped and restarted. Of course, the game was initially announced even earlier than that, back in June 2017.

Nintendo's been keeping pretty quiet since the delay announcement, only offering a quick "we're working hard" update at last year's E3 show, although plenty of exciting staff hires give us reason to believe that the team at Retro Studios could be cooking up something very special. As we always say, we're more than happy to wait as long as the final product is as good as it can be, so here's hoping things are going smoothly behind the scenes.

We're sure it won't be another three years before we're given a fresh update (or at least, we hope not), but do you think we'll hear about Metroid Prime 4 this year?

Do you think it'll release in 2022? 2023? Beyond? Share your thoughts in the comments.