Retro Studios
Image: Retro Studios / Nintendo

Earlier this week, it was discovered Retro Studios had a new Twitter banner, and now there's been another minor development.

A Nintendo advertisement over on ArtStation has been spotted promoting the team behind Metroid Prime 4 - informing users of the website that their "next mission awaits" and that "Retro is hiring". It also happens to feature the same Metroid Prime artwork in the background as the company's Twitter banner.

If you click on the advertisement, you'll be taken through to Retro Studios' about page on ArtStation, which currently lists 10 job openings. Six of them are for artists:

Environment Terrain Artist, Environment Artist, User interface Artist, Material Artist, Character Artist, Concept Artist.

There's an environment designer, too. Here's a bit about ArtStation, if you're not familar with it:

"ArtStation provides you with a simple, yet powerful way to show your portfolio and be seen by the right people in the industry. It's super fast and sleek. Showcase high resolution images, videos, short clips, Marmoset and Sketchfab 3D scenes, 360 panos and more. Add your work and production experience."

Interestingly, concept art from Retro Studios' axed Nintendo projects has also shown up on ArtStation in the past.

As previously noted, January 2022 marked three years since Metroid Prime 4's development was scrapped and restarted. And June 2021 marked four years since the game was first announced.

What are your thoughts about this advertisement, and when do you think we'll get to play Metroid Prime 4? Take a guess below.