KEMCO is a prolific publisher, particularly when it comes to RPGs, and it has another due to release on 3rd March. This time around it's Ambition Record, developed by EXE-CREATE and heading to the eShop (as well as PSN) for $14.99USD, with a 10% discount on pre-orders.

Ambition Record originally came out on mobile back in 2019 before arriving on Xbox and PC earlier this month, so its shift to console has taken a little while. As you can see in the original trailer it has a decent look, giving us 3DS-era vibes albeit at a higher resolution. It's reviewed rather well on Google Play with plenty of players seeming to enjoy its story.

Below is some official blurb and console screenshots.

The count who rules the northern part of the kingdom has used forbidden, secret arts, and raised the flag of rebellion against his king.

Rafael takes up his sword on the orders of the king, to suppress the revolt. But then, the chancellor, who should be at the core of the king's court, starts to act in an incomprehensible way. Beliefs and ambition clash fiercely in the unexpected twists and turns of battle!

Fortify characters with the power of the dragons to fight turn-based battles! Create your own party by exploiting the job change system and customizing weapons and armor as you like!

Are you tempted to pick this up next week?