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Image: Waikuteru, YouTube

It appears Nintendo is at it again, this time targeting YouTube videos focused on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 'Second Wind' expansion mod.

YouTube channel Waikuteru has been on the receiving end - with fears there'll be nothing left if it continues. Waikuteru is now asking fans of mods to unite via a Discord channel, in the hope they can get Nintendo to change its attitude:

"Nintendo attacked my channel and took down 40 videos so far. If this continues, the channel will be blank within a week. I know that a lot of you guys like mods, hence the subscription. There is only one way to change the termination of Nintendo mods and that is to convince Nintendo with a large number of people to change their mind. The goal is to gather that many people together that Nintendo has to listen to us."

At the time of writing, most of Waikuteru's Breath of the Wild: Second Wind videos have been removed from YouTube. And just to clarify, the 'Second Wind' mod is still available and there has been no action taken against it.

If we hear about any developments, we'll be sure to let you know.

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