The fan-made project Sonic Omens.
Image: Sonic Central

When it comes to mods and fan-made creations, Sega takes a slightly more relaxed approach. Rather than issuing cease and desist notices at the drop of a hat, it allows fans to let their creativity run wild with its blue boy.

In fact, Christian Whitehead - the Australian video game programmer who went on to direct and develop Sonic Mania, first started out on Sonic fan games, before porting Sonic CD to mobile devices and going onto much greater things.

It's no wonder then Sega is open-minded about community-made projects featuring the blue blur. As a reminder of this, Sega of America's associate social media and influencer manager, Katie Chrzanowski, recently put out a notice on Twitter - explaining how Sega doesn't have an issue with fan-made Sonic games (in most cases), as long as these projects aren't monetized.

She further notes how Sega's goal isn't to "stifle everything" like certain other companies, but obviously for "legal reasons" she can't necessarily promise everything is acceptable.

So, there you go - if you're a creative type and wanted to hone your art or development skills with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog - go for it! Just don't try and profit from these works, or you might get the wrong kind of attention from Sega.