If you're a fan of quick, pick-up-and-play platformers and hope to add more to your collection on Switch, you might want to keep an eye on Watermelon Blocks which launches on the system tomorrow, 6th January.

From QUByte Interactive and Mira Games, the game has you playing as a cute little chunk of watermelon – as all the best games do – that actually moves by itself. Your job is to simply change the direction in which it moves by wall jumping through each level you come up against.

There are 46 levels in all, complete with puzzles, enemies, and spikes to pass, and each level is said to get "progressively more challenging and introduce new mechanics and obstacles" along the way. Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

No pricing for the Switch version has been revealed just yet, but it's currently available on Steam for just a couple of quid. Here's hoping for a similar price range on the eShop when it appears tomorrow.