Piplup, the tiny penguin starter introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, is having what we in the biz call "A Moment". Over the past month, we've had Piplup ASMR, Piplup fitness training, and most recently, Piplups given to Japanese players of both Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Piplup, known as Pochama in Japan, even has his own Twitter account.

On the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel, he now has his own music video (with 100% less screaming than the ASMR one), featuring a medley of Pokémon songs, the titles of which we've run through Google Translate:

  • By Your Side - Hikari's Theme
  • Tomorrow Is Sure
  • La La La On Your Chest
  • Message of the Wind

The video shows Piplup drowning, dancing, and hanging out with his other Diamond and Pearl chums. It's all terribly cute, and as we've already mentioned, features much less screaming than his ASMR video.

Piplup 2
A message we all need right now. Wasn't expecting it to be from a baby penguin, though