We may as well just stop reporting news for the rest of the day because the content we've all been waiting for – no, desperately praying for – has finally arrived.

The Pokémon Company has released the latest video in its ASMR series (that's 'autonomous sensory meridian response' or 'tingly feels by sounds' for those not in the know), and this time it features none other than Piplup. For the whole half an hour, Piplup can be seen rolling around a living room, laughing and giggling as it plays and just generally having a fantastic time. Until it finally falls asleep, that is.

We've been sitting and listening to the video while typing this and we can't say it's helping us to relax. Having said that, have we mentioned that it's half an hour of a Piplup flopping about all over the place? Because that's worth a watch regardless.

So, sit back, put some headphones on, and experience the video for yourself. You're very welcome. Or we're sorry. Whichever applies.

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[source youtube.com, via polygon.com]