Mario Party Superstars, Bowser Jr. Mod
Image: Nintendo, mod via: Sgt. Spike

Since its launch last October, Mario Party Superstars players have been getting their party on across boards that were first seen in the series' original three games available on Nintendo 64. It's a whole lot of fun, but a few more boards and a larger roster of playable characters à la Super Mario Party would have made the experience even better.

Of course, as is often the case, fans have decided to take these potential improvements into their own hands, with one talented individual going all out to get a new character into the game. As seen in the video below, modder Sgt. Spike has managed to get Bowser Jr. up and running, complete with working animations and voice clips.

The mod works by letting players replace either Mario, Daisy or Birdo with Bowser Jr.'s model. "This mod is a full-replacement mod," Sgt. Spike says. "It features the Bowser Jr. model, new animations as well as Bowser Jr. animations imported from Super Mario Party, Bowser Jr. voice clips, custom icons, and three new Bowser Jr. stickers!"

It's not completely perfect just yet – some minigame-specific animations are yet to be replaced and, apparently, getting an item causes the camera to focus on Bowser Jr.'s feet, rather than his face – but it's yet another cracking fan effort.

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Thanks to CM30 for the tip!