There's a long list of things you might not know about Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and today, that list just got a little longer.

We're not sure why Gaming Reinvented pondered this particular issue, but it decided to see what would happen if a Hinox was introduced to a pool of boiling hot lava. To do this, the monster had to be coaxed from one of its potential spawn points to Death Mountain and then pushed into the red-hot magma, which is a time-consuming challenge in itself.

The end result? Well, nothing much. The Hinox is clearly made from stern stuff and doesn't even flinch. It does, however, cause a random noise that sounds like it's farting – however, the lack of bubbles would suggest this isn't intentional. Boo.

While this isn't exactly big news, it's amazing that Breath of the Wild continues to throw up unexpected surprises, even after almost five years.