Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2
Image: Nintendo

Over the past few weeks, some Nintendo fans on social media have convinced themselves that one "world premiere" we'll be getting at this year's Game Awards is tied to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel.

It all stems from a tweet by the host and organiser Geoff Keighley - mentioning how "honored" he was to reveal a project that he's been working on with a developer for 2.5 years. The "hype" has since snowballed, but before you get too excited, you might want to read on...

In the latest Nate the Hate podcast, hosted by Nintendo insider Nate Drake - who accurately predicted Nintendo's higher-priced NSO N64 tier, fellow "insider" and VentureBeat game journalist Jeff Grubb has shared his own thoughts - noting how he isn't really expecting to see Link's next big adventure shown at the annual awards show this year.

Here are Grubb's own predictions about Nintendo's future plans for BOTW 2, when asked if the anticipated title would feature at this week's Game Awards on December 9th. It's worth highlighting how he also believes it would likely be released "closer" towards the end of next year if it even makes 2022:

"I'm on the 'no' side - the E3 trailer actually is too near, it's too close...that game [Zelda: BOTW 2] probably [is] not coming out closer until the end of next year, if it comes out in 2022 at all. And so yeah - no...if they do, what happens is we get the name and they show us a trailer that explains why the name is so significant, maybe that's ready and that would be different from what they showed at E3, but I still think the next time we see that game probably will be E3 or a Direct dedicated to Zelda, right around that time maybe a few months before, maybe a couple before, so yeah."

Nate added to this with his own thoughts - mentioning how Nintendo was holding back the name, to avoid revealing too much:

"See, I agree with you - because the way they've [Nintendo] treated the game and the name, they've said the name is going to reveal some of those secrets that the game holds, so you wouldn't want to show that a year in advance, you would want to hold that closer to the actual release date, so it feels a little too soon, to give it an official title."

As for the rumoured Metroid Prime remaster - Jeff's not so sure about that, either. While he admits now would be a good time to show it, he reiterates how he's not sure Nintendo will reveal any games at The Game Awards this year and feels it would be more likely to show a trailer for something like the upcoming Super Mario animated movie.

Later on in the podcast, Grubb mentioned how now would also be a good time for a game like the rumoured Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Ultimately though, he thinks it's probably best to "expect nothing":

"We could build up this hype, but people maybe should expect nothing and maybe be happy if they get anything at all."

Jeff Grubb has a relatively reliable track record and while these are just his "predictions" for the upcoming Game Awards show, he accurately predicted BOTW 2 would appear at Nintendo's E3 Direct ahead of the event.

Do you think we'll see the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at this year's Game Awards? How about the rumoured Metroid Prime remaster? Leave your own thoughts down below.