Banjo Twitter
Image: Nintendo via Twitter

Update: Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America have now tweeted the news, too. Guh-huh!

Nintendo's official Japanese Twitter account has confirmed that Rare's N64 classic Banjo-Kazooie is joining the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack in January 2022.

There's no exact date given in the tweet, just the month. Paper Mario is launching today on the higher tier of Nintendo's online subscription service, with other games including F-Zero X, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Pokémon Snap announced for the future, but it appears that Banjo will be the second game to hit the service following the launch batch and Paper Mario:

This may indicate that Nintendo is going to continue the one-a-month drip feed of additions to the NSO N64 library — a pretty slow roll out which has upset some fans given the extra cost of the Expansion Pack and issues with emulation.

While there are those of us who were hoping to head to Freezeezy Peak on Switch over the holidays, it's good to see Nintendo communicating the release of the next game in advance — and good to know that we'll be seeing Banjo back home on a Nintendo console at the start of the new year.

Let us know below if you'll be heading into Grunty's lair in January.

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