Loop Hero
Image: Devolver Digital

If you read our Loop Hero review yesterday and now find yourself itching to give it a go, you might want to consider picking up one of its newly-available physical editions.

Pre-orders have now opened for two different physical editions of the game over on Special Reserve Games. The standalone copy will set you back $29.99, while a fancier, numbered collectors edition throws in an instruction booklet, special art card, special packaging, and jacket artwork for $44.99.

If you missed it yesterday, here's just a snippet of what we said in our review:

Loop Hero proves to be a fascinating and creative take on an RPG, distilling the genre down to its most important gameplay elements and throwing in some fresh ideas. Though some may be put off by the obviously repetitive nature of the core gameplay, Loop Hero is a consistently rewarding and engaging game that’ll easily get its hooks in you. The light deckbuilding elements, anti-tower defense gameplay, and solidly paced loot system make Loop Hero easy to love and we’d give this one a high recommendation to anyone interested in trying something a little different.

If that's not enough to get you hyped for the game, Devolver Digital has also shared this new animated trailer showcasing some of the trials that await you in the loop:

Tempted to grab one of those physical editions? Have you already been playing it digitally from the eShop? Let us know in the usual place.