Image: Nintendo Life

Remember when people realised that the Save icon — a little floppy disk — would be unrecognisable to younger generations? Remember how absolutely ancient you felt? Well, get ready, because it's happening again, and you are the cryptkeeper. Congrats!

Here's the backstory: The lovely, zen game Unpacking just came out, and it's all about figuring out where things go. Mostly, it's pretty easy — cutlery in the cutlery drawer, toilet paper in the toilet paper drawer, and loose milk in the loose milk drawer.

But the Unpacking Twitter account has been fielding requests for help with some of the more tricky items, and some of them... some of them are going to make you sad.

To be absolutely clear: It's completely fine that people don't know a console from 20 years ago! Especially when the developers have made it aesthetically legally distinct, so it looks more like a toaster-GameCube hybrid — and we certainly never got it in that lovely light blue. The fault is not with people who don't recognise the 'Cube and its lovely angles... it's just a sign of the passing of time.

We're not the only ones feeling this way, of course — one of the founders of Witch Beam, the developers of Unpacking, had A Little Moments as well:

And a fellow writer:

Well, at least we're not alone. Now, excuse us while we lie face down for a little while and think about what we've done with the last two decades.