Moving houses sucks. That sounds like the start of a thoughtful haiku that's all about change, but it's not, it's just a fact of life: having to pack up your belongings, your clothes, and your plants, and fit them all into a series of cardboard boxes — which you never seem to have enough of — and then truck everything over to a new place where you can never quite remember where the teaspoons are kept, is a nightmare.

Except that there is one really good bit: unpacking. At least, the first bit of unpacking, in which you get to decide where the kettle lives, and which cupboard is for pots and pans, and finding out that there's a little cubbyhole in the bedroom that's perfect for a nice candle.

That's the bit that Unpacking is all about. Making your new house into a home is satisfying and fulfilling: it's what this whole horrible process was all about, after all. When you're done unpacking, you can pose your various decorations however you like, take a photo, and add stickers to it — every photo will go in a lovely photo album to commemorate the process.

Unpacking is available now on the Nintendo Switch for $19.99 / £17.99 / €19,99.

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