GTA Trilogy
Image: Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition (let's just say 'GTA Trilogy' for the rest of the article) arrived with plenty of buzz yesterday, though aside from a near-launch trailer there wasn't a huge amount of build-up. There wasn't much footage either, or reviews, which perhaps led to some nerves around how good and 'definitive' it would be.

We shared some footage of GTA Trilogy on Switch yesterday, which is just gameplay without any commentary, and we are working on a review. Though some are certainly happy enough with the results, we've had various members of our team and others on social media being distinctly unimpressed with various aspects. In fact, considering the hype and excitement that normally accompanies a Rockstar / GTA release this feels like a mis-step, at least if online noise is to be believed.

Beyond all of those opinions, though, the wider game is having its issues. One topic that affects all versions is the licensed music on the various radio stations, with a number of tracks being cut.

In a bit of a weird twist, dataminers digging around the PC code have discovered that the audio files for this music weren't actually removed, but instead they're just 'skipped'. On Twitter @Ash_735 shared the following.

Some others have been digging and found development notes that are rather blunt, you can see an example here.

Away from datamining, on PC the game has had serious issues due to its exclusivity to the Rockstar Games Launcher (thanks, Eurogamer). The launcher fell into issues that affected the ability for users to even play the game; the launcher has been taken down for maintenance and the game temporarily removed from sale on the platform. In all likelihood it'll be resolved relatively quickly, but it's another bad look for the release.

In any case, if you've taken the plunge on the GTA Trilogy for Switch let us know what you think so far - are you happy with the end result?