VTubers (known in full as Virtual YouTubers) have become incredibly popular over the past decade. While we're used to seeing these digital characters voiced by real people playing video games, it's not every day we see something this weird...

Japanese VTuber 'Korone' - who has 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube - recently broadcast a gaming stream where she apparently used a GameCube instead of a Game Boy Advance to play the gyro-enabled GBA classic, WarioWare Twisted!. It's all because she wasn't able to use a GBA to stream, so she just plugged in a "whole console" instead. And although it was a lot harder to play, it was quite the experience, as you can see above.

Obviously, the gyro features in WarioWare Twisted! are all in the cartridge, so it's just a matter of plugging it into a working device (in this case, a GameCube GBA Player). Perhaps what makes this so unique though, is the fact it's a VTuber doing it - probably nobody could have imagined this when the game was originally released in 2004/05.

If you're still wondering how this would actually look in the flesh, a response to the above tweet noted how this same method (using a GBA Player) has been used by speedrunners, in other games such as Kirby Tilt N Tumble:

And here's what it might have looked like on Korone's end:

As neat as this is, we can't imagine shaking and moving your GameCube about will help it in the long run - so do this at your own risk if you do decide to give it a go.

What do you think of the crazy idea combined with a VTuber? Have you tried playing a gyro game on GameCube? Did you hear about Sonic becoming a VTuber? Speaking of Sonic, Korone was featured in the latest Sonic the Hedgehog anniversary video. Leave your thoughts down below.