Disco Elysium - The Final Cut (Switch)

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Switch Retail eShop - New Releases

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut (ZA/UM, 12th Oct, £35.99 / €39.99) - Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is the definitive edition of the groundbreaking role-playing game. You’re a detective with a unique skill system at your disposal and a whole city block to carve your path across. Interrogate unforgettable characters, crack murders, or take bribes. Become a hero or an absolute disaster of a human being. - Read our Disco Elysium - The Final Cut review

Monster Crown (Soedesco, 12th Oct, £26.99 / €29.99) - Unravel Crown Island’s dark story as you create your own monster legacy. With a history of sadistic rulers and heroic saviors, the island faces another threat in the form of a malicious young woman seeking power. It’s up to you and the monsters you make pacts with to prevent the return of tyranny. Will your decisions make you a savior or a dark messiah? - Read our Monster Crown review

Switch eShop - New Releases

a (14th Oct, £0.89 / €0.99) - a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a is a 2D-Platformer.

A Little Golf Journey (Playtonic Friends, 14th Oct, £15.49 / €16.79) - Join us on A Little Golf Journey. Embark on your adventure and bring colour back to the world as you complete golfing challenges across multiple destinations. With over 100 holes split across 10 stunning courses, you’ll be able to unlock secrets and discover mysteries along the way. Who knows what awaits you on your journey. Discoveries that go beyond. Begin your golfing journey and discover a friendship that takes you across serene locations, all the way to the moon. No Caddie required. Just you, the ball and the soothing zen soundtrack as your companion.

Aeon Must Die! (Focus Home Interactive, 14th Oct, £17.99 / €19.99) - Aeon, the dreaded Emperor of the unstoppable Void Armada, has been betrayed and left for dead by his generals. Weakened and without a body to exact his revenge, he manages to merge with you to survive and bring forth his wrath. Travel across the futuristic city of Pantheon to destroy or subdue those who betrayed Aeon, while fighting for your mind, free will, and control of your body. Experience a unique beat ‘em-up introducing breakneck risk-reward gameplay, innovative AI and tactical fighting, all packaged in an incredible art style. Will you succumb to Aeon’s will and unleash his awesome power, losing yourself in the process? Or will you choose the hard way and remain free, at the cost of your strength?

Aliens Drive Me Crazy (Rebel Twins, 14th Oct, £5.39 / €5.99) - The few Alien Spaceships have crept into earth's orbit with no warning. The loss of global satellite communications puts the world in danger. Survivors must fight using guerrilla tactics. . . Take control of your car and blast your way through the city to reach an alien's base! Defeat invaders and terrifying Bosses to get access to powerful weapons, cars and power-ups!

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt (£6.29 / €6.99) - Stop the wicked schemes of an evil pharaoh before your city is annihilated in this heart-stopping match-three adventure! With Standard, Advanced and Untimed modes, Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt offers a thrilling experience for every player. When the vile Tutmos sets in motion his plan to achieve immortality by reciting an incantation that unleashes a deadly plague, you must save your people by destroying the unholy altars that are sustaining the pharaoh's spell. As the hero of this captivating tale, you must create chains of three or more matching elements to clear the levels that stand between you and the altars.

Barbero (Forever Entertainment, 14th Oct, £4.04 / €4.49) - Become a groomer and make dogs look lovely again. Choose your favourite trimmer and start getting acquainted with a whole bunch of different dogs. All these animals have common features: they like to mischief and are not afraid to get dirty - so prepare for a good wash! Be watchful and catch the objects before they drop down to unlock special features. Make your trimmer bigger, highlight the remaining dirt or gain more time. You can either play by yourself or invite up to four friends to join you locally.

Bonito Days (Studio Somewhere, 14th Oct, £7.99 / €8.99) - Be transported back to lazy summer days and less stressful times alone or with up to 4 friends. Master the momentum-based rolling and gliding controls, and spread the chill vibes in more than 20 colourful levels over 5 sun-drenched environments.

Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide (Sometimes You, 13th Oct, £4.49 / €4.99) - Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide is a casual couch co-op puzzle game, inspired by Lemmings and Tower Defense! Play as Catty or Batty and build a path to guide spirits home.

Critadel (Nicalis, 13th Oct, £13.99 / €14.99) - A mysterious tower with hundreds of branching paths to the top! A hardcore action game with GBA-inspired graphics and a pulse-pounding techno soundtrack, Critadel offers a virtually limitless variety of weapon and item configuration options. With upgradeable playable characters and continuously reconfigured branching paths, it’s a game that’s different every time you play it!

Damn Dolls (QUByte Interactive, 11th Oct, £2.69 / €2.99) - Damn Dolls is a first person horror explore that set in an abandoned house in the forest. You are Suzi and your best friend "Ana" is missing and the only evidence you have is that "Ana" was seen near this mansion, that the former owner of the property was killed by local residents for being accused of kidnapping and killing a girl. Find ammunition to load your weapon, discover hidden messages on the walls and grab keys to unlock doors. You will find presences in the house that do not want your company, like three possessed dolls and a big creature with huge teeth. Be careful, this game has several Jump Scare and is inspired by a lot of games of terror and suspense.

DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS (SQUARE ENIX, 14th Oct, £19.99 / €23.99) - An otherworldly labyrinth has suddenly appeared on the outskirts of a quiet town. Make clever use of your abilities to chart the depths, overcome obstacles and defeat your foes in thrilling battles! From some of the key development team behind the legendary FINAL FANTASY franchise, DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS is a dungeon exploration RPG where you must strategize to survive.

Evil Tonight (DYA GAMES, 14th Oct, £12.59 / €13.49) - Silvia isn't afraid of evil. Evil is her job. As a modern exorcist, Silvia has overcome countless horrors with her ability to materialize the evil of haunted places. . . But tonight. . . things don't go as planned… Fight, survive, explore, solve puzzles and uncover the mystery of. . . Evil Tonight! No map. No hand holding. Like classic survival horror games of old, Evil Tonight features exploration in its purest form. Find items, discover hidden paths, solve puzzles, manage scarce ammunition, and fight for your life against the evil that lurks in an abandoned Performing Arts School where no two rooms look alike.

Fight of Animals: Arena (JUSTDAN, 14th Oct, £16.99 / €19.99) - Players take on the role of cute meme animals, and defeat all other animals through intense fighting. 6 different stages and 2 game modes are provided to players to choose from. Players can enjoy funny and decisive battles through the single-player or multiplayer mode! Meme animals strike again! In Fight of Animals: Arena, all 12 characters from Fight of Animals are provided for selection. What sparks will arise from their battles! ? You decide! Simple controls! Other than direction buttons, all combos and skills can be performed by 4 buttons.

Gleylancer (£5.99 / €5.99) - An epic adventure across the stars to save her father. In the year 1992, Gleylancer was released as an iconic space shooter. Our heroine pilot decides to hijack the prototype fighter and go after her missing father. Get ready to shoot your way through battalions of hostile aliens as you guide your ship safely across the universe. Equip multiple weapons and powerups... Choose between different optional formations to customize your ship and become the most powerful fighting force in space. - Read our Gleylancer review

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Game for Kids & Toddlers (McPeppergames, 14th Oct, £13.49 / €14.99) - This puzzle game for kids and toddlers is perfect for Halloween, but of course it's great fun the rest of the year too! The scary motifs are all designed in such a way that children do not develop fears, but rather have fun playing, as they can laugh at funny scary motifs. The game contains 13 high quality puzzle motifs that can be solved in different degrees of difficulty. The maximum number of parts is 80 parts and children are therefore really challenged! But even those who are new to jigsaw puzzles can really get started with a 12 piece puzzle.

Henchman Story (Top Hat Studios, 14th Oct, £11.46 / €12.74) - Henchman Story is an interactive story where you play as a beleaguered henchman working for a bumbling supervillain. It’s thankless work. Week in and week out, you put on your purple spandex and get the crap beaten out of you by much stronger, much cooler people wearing much fancier spandex. But the checks clear, and Lord Bedlam offers healthcare, so a job’s a job, right? Even henchmen have bills to pay, and sometimes, even henchmen can make choices that change everything.

Hextones (Silesia Games, 14th Oct, £2.15 / €2.39) - A challenging matchup puzzle game based on classic genres like Domino, Ishido, Mahjong, and 3 matches. There are 25 unique Hextones formed by a combination of colors and symbols, and a total of 100 Hextones to be placed onto the grid. - 5 colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple) - 5 symbols (Time, Space, Distance, Eternity, Thought) - 6 possible connections at a time - 5 kind of connections bonus with increasing tiers Place the Hextone onto the grid by connecting one or more of its sides to one or more Hextones already placed on the grid. As more connections in a move, more fuel to the quantum engine, but don't forget to complete the current Tier to increase the connections bonus.

Immortus Temporus (eastasiasoft, 13th Oct, £3.59 / €3.99) - Enter a puzzle experience that defies conventional design! Immortus Temporus is a game created by a speedrunner for those who love to hone their skills through practice, trial and error, determination and relentless replay. Stages have numerous ways to beat them. Crashing into hazards will deactivate them and teleport the player back to the spawn point, allowing free passage from A to B, but is that the fastest route? The actions you take in Immortus Temporus persist through death, whether it’s collecting a pick-up or destroying an obstacle. Levels only reset when you run out of time. Each attempt will challenge you to outperform yourself, to think outside the box and break the game!

Inspector Waffles (Hitcents, 14th Oct, £11.99 / €12.99) - Inspector Waffles was hoping his worst days were behind him, but the murder of a high-profile industrialist CEO beloved by the citizens of Cat Town raises new questions and fears. Being the best inspector on the CTPD, Waffles has no choice: he's gotta push past the painful memories, don his well-worn overcoat, and prepare to get his paws dirty. A detective story reminiscent of the old school classics, Inspector Waffles provides plenty of peculiar mystery, a story full of intrigue, and a slew of characters to interrogate, all wrapped into beautifully simple pixel-art. Will you be able to sniff out every clue and nab the murderer?

Last 4 Alive: Escape From Zombies (TROOOZE, 14th Oct, £10.99 / €11.99) - You have to survive from the zombies! Survival shooting! The tragic survival of the four main characters begins in the world destroyed by the appearance of zombies. In the episode mode, you can do a single play while enjoying the story. In the multi-play mode, you can play a variety of four-person modes, from two to four people. Hand over one Joy-Con™ to another player to 'share', you can start a battle or collaborative play anywhere.

Lumione (PERFECT WORLD GAMES, 13th Oct, £9.49 / €10.49) - Lumione is an ocean themed side-scrolling platformer game. The major themes are chasing dreams and having hope. You will play the part of the beloved deep-sea fairy, Glimmer, as you escape from darkness and follow the path of the Light. The Light will guide you to your hopes and dreams as you learn about the world and your place within it. Faced with trials of wisdom and courage, you will need to prove you’ve got what it takes to bring the light of hope back to the darkness of the seabed.

Mon Amour (Onion Games, 14th Oct, £6.99 / €7.99) - There’s a 99% chance you’ll instantly die as soon as you press start… that’s Mon Amour! Welcome to our pastel-colored wild world, where love comes in all shapes and sizes! Survive the gauntlet in this pixelated land, and you may kiss your princess. . . and all 64 of her loyal subjects! Will your next kiss be your last? Why stop now, when it feels so good! The more you kiss, the better you get… if you can stay alive!

Nira (Graffiti Games, 14th Oct, £6.74 / €7.49) - The Ultimate Survival Adventure Awaits Welcome to a world filled with diverse islands to explore and mysteries to uncover. Set forth on your journey to survive this procedurally generated universe by crafting tools to construct a shelter, build transportation, farm food, catch a tasty meal and more. Forge weapons to protect yourself from the dangers at night, when an array of enemies come to shorten your time on the islands.

Puzzle 9 (£5.99 / €5.99) - Puzzle 9 can surely train your brain and increase your memory power with its 9 unique puzzle games. Improve your thinking and decision skills while having fun, for much less than one dollar a game!

rRootage Reloaded (PERZIUR, 14th Oct, £4.49 / €4.99) - The classic bullet hell is back! rRootage Reloaded is a remastered version of the original rRootage by Kenta Cho. Featuring untouched gameplay from the original version, this remaster has been adapted for the features of the Nintendo Switch. Featuring stable 60 FPS with low battery usage, HD graphics, and multiple control methods. Play 4 different game modes, each of them with 40 levels, to a total of 160 unique levels. Play using touchscreen, Joy-Con, both on your TV and on the go.

Ruin Raiders (Freedom Games, 14th Oct, £12.79 / €12.79) - Ruin Raiders is a turn-based tactical roguelike where you guide squads on a mission to explore an ancient, ever-shifting civilization. Explore ruins, demon-infested depths, and more while upgrading your raiders with unlockable gear before facing bosses that hide in the abyss.

Starlight Alliance (Origamihero Games , 13th Oct, £7.09 / €7.99) - Welcome to the future – where everything is automated, recycling is at 99. 9% efficiency, and Earth is considered at its peak. Humans and aliens now live side-by-side in sky cities far above the planet’s inhospitable surface. It all could have been perfect . . . but it just wasn’t meant to last. Mysteriously, the systems started failing and the drone networks began acting up – nobody knows quite why.

Super Chicken Catchers (White Smoke Games, 13th Oct, £13.49 / €14.99) - It's Year 2 of Era 4 on Planet 12, which can only mean one thing. . . it's time for the galaxy-wide Cluckball Championship! As the entire galaxy watches, you and your fellow Twelvians will battle for the ultimate 2v2 sporting prize. But with the competition so fierce, you and your partner will need to hone your co-operative tactics to become champions of the stars. How will you collaborate? What's your game plan? Will you outwit your opponents and emerge victorious, as the team in possession of the fabled chicken?

Tears of Avia (PQube, 14th Oct, £10.99 / €14.99) - Tears Of Avia is a turn-based strategy and tactics game, set in the beautiful world of Estera. Estera, a once proud and thriving world, is torn apart by war between the two large city-states; Tirig, the largest military in the land who praise the Gods, and the city-state Helmgar, the Godless heretics to the north. Build your party and venture forth to discover the secrets behind ancient long-abandoned cities and decide where your own morality ultimately lies in this turn-based action strategy game.

The Good Life (£30.59 / €33.99) - Play as Naomi, a journalist from New York who moves to a backwoods British town called Rainy Woods in order to pay off her massive debt. The only way for her to escape from debt hell is to take pictures of happenings in the town and report on them. Of course, 'the happiest town in the world' is not your average town... The inhabitants of the happiest town in the world are some of the most bizarre people you'll ever come across.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 (Jackbox Games, 14th Oct, £23.99 / €25.99) - About The Jackbox Party Pack 8 The eighth installment of the beloved Jackbox Party Pack franchise is here! Five hilarious new games will energize your next game night, holiday party, happy hour, or video call. No extra controllers needed - players use their phones or tablets to play along!

The Sundew (2054, 14th Oct, £10.16 / €11.24) - ABOUT THIS GAME Shibukawa, capital of Japan, 2054. Water drips from the cracked ceiling onto the edge of your bed as the incessant rain masks the whine of a refrigerator and the neon hum of the city outside. You don’t recognise the heavy breath in your ear nor the warmth of the body lying next to you. . . The world’s gone to hell, and it’s taking you down with it. Welcome to Shibukawa You are Anna Isobe, a cybernetically enhanced cop in a world that’s left you behind.

Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy (eastasiasoft, 14th Oct, £7.19) - When an evil aging spell infects the garments of 8 beautifully medieval maidens, it falls to the legendary Uma Ninja to protect them. Using magic to miniaturize and face the diminutive demonic forces behind this threat, the Uma Ninja rush into battle for the sake of love and valor! Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy is a vertical shoot’em up experience that’s easy to play and addictive to master.

Wild & Horror Pinball (£13.49 / €14.99) - Enjoy 6 games in one with the perfect reproduction of real pinball machines, with all kinds of graphic details and sounds. Discover all the secrets, in these thrilling games, a great challenge awaits you. Complete all the missions and become number 1 in the world or the best among your Friends, posting your high score on the online leaderboard.

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