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Action, Arcade
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  • 14th Oct 2021
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About The Game

Become a groomer and make dogs look lovely again. Choose your favourite trimmer and start getting acquainted with a whole bunch of different dogs. All these animals have common features: they like to mischief and are not afraid to get dirty - so prepare for a good wash! Be watchful and catch the objects before they drop down to unlock special features. Make your trimmer bigger, highlight the remaining dirt or gain more time. You can either play by yourself or invite up to four friends to join you locally.

The third time is the charm!

In a single player mode you’ll need to complete all of the chapters. To win a multiplayer game you just need to be the fastest and most efficient groomer three times in a row. Show your friends who's the best barber in town! Catch the paint and cover your opponents’ part of the screen to slow them down. Have you ever dreamt about being a dog groomer? Perhaps you simply love dogs and want to care for them? Then this game is perfect for you. Don’t let the dogs wait!