If you're looking for a chilled out puzzler that'll help you unwind and relax after yet another stressful day, you might want to check out Puzzle Car when it launches on the Switch eShop later today.

From QUByte Interactive and Brazilian developer Moraes Game Studio, the game has you switching out various tiles to create a safe path for your car to reach the goal. You'll be moving curves in the road, intersections, and tunnels as you start to build your path, hopefully figuring out a route which lets you pick up all the collectibles on the way.

The gameplay footage in the trailer above shows it off best, so make sure to give that a watch.

The game features 50 levels in total, complete with a calming soundtrack and minimalist vibes. It hasn't appeared on the eShop at the time of writing, but make sure to keep an eye out throughout the day if you're interested in giving it a go.

What do you think? Will you be taking Puzzle Car for a spin?