Astroneer is a lot like that Matt Damon movie, The Martian, except instead of Matt Damon, it's you, and instead of potatoes, it's... building a base, exploring the alien wilds, and uncovering long-lost extraterrestrial secrets. It's not really a lot like The Martian, then. Except for being set in space.

You'll play as a tiny, chunky astronaut, whose design is somewhere in-between the hyper realism of an actual person and the cute little space beans of Among Us. Alone, or with up to three friends, you can explore the procedurally-generated planet you start on, finding resources underground and in the mountains to build a base.


Like any survival game, the loop of explore - gather resources - upgrade base is what will propel you to greater heights, more advanced machines, and even, perhaps, the stars.

But also, since this is space, make sure to keep on top of your oxygen and battery metres, or you may find yourself stranded with no hope of rescue...

Astroneer has been out on Xbox and PC for some time, but its arrival on Switch will have to wait until January 2022.