Terror Of Hemasaurus
Image: Loren Lemcke / Digerati

Yesterday we had the second major showcase from Gamescom with the Awesome Indies Show, which was hosted by IGN. As we've now come to expect from Indie-centric shows there was solid support for Switch, and in some cases Nintendo's system was the only console confirmed - it was a PC-heavy show, all told.

As a reminder, below are the games we already covered from that show:

There were five other titles that we noted down and want to highlight, however, so below are their trailers and some details.

Roots of Pacha - 2022

This looks like a very charming entry in the farming-sim genre, with lovely visuals and a chilled vibe. It can be played in co-op, and the stone age setting could be lots of fun - "Discover 'ideas,' domesticate crops, befriend animals, and contribute to the growth of your village."

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows - 21st October 2021

Now for a complete change of tone, with this gothic take on puzzle platforming in which two characters have to work together to make progress. The switches between top-down and side-on perspectives could be rather clever, and if they hit October/Halloween season for release it could be ideal for some spooky gaming.

There Is No Light - November 2021

This is described as a "brutal action-adventure set in a grim underground world ruled by the mysterious Church of the Great Hand", which seems pretty apt. This has a distinct sense of style, though it has plenty of competition in the top-down pixel-violence stakes; it looks accomplished, though, so may be one to watch closely.

tERRORbane - Q1 2022

This first came onto our radar back in June, so it's pleasing to get a new trailer and an updated release schedule. Inspired by retro JRPGs, the twist is that you are essentially put in opposition to the 'developer', spotting and noting down bugs. It looks like a lot of fun to us.

Terror of Hemasaurus - Q1 2022

From the developer of Super Blood Hockey, this is inspired by retro classic Rampage. "As part of a dubious plan by The Church of the Holy Lizard to save humanity from its own reckless disregard of the planet, players embark on a rampaging, hugely satisfying, and darkly funny trail of destruction across multiple stages as one of four monsters – Hemasaurus, Clocksloth, Salamandrah, and Autonomous Hemasaurus." Throw in the potential of co-op play and this could certainly be a sneaky hit early next year.

Oaken - TBC

One of a number of roguelike experiences in the show, this one utilise hexagonal battlefields and deck building at the heart of its gameplay. The visual style is definitely a plus, and if its settings, bosses and design stack up this could be a very welcome addition to the genre.

Diluvian Winds - TBC

Taking place in a troubled world of rising sea levels, you take on the role of an anthropomorphic beaver that is trying to survive while also supporting and helping others. It's in 'semi-real' time and the building management gameplay brings to mind Spiritfarer, though this title has a very different focus and style otherwise. Certainly one to watch.

There you have it, let us know what you think of these games in the comments!