Update 2: Puma has now confirmed that its upcoming Animal Crossing collection arrives on 18th September. Could there be more than the shoes and hoodie pictured below? We'll keep an eye out as that launch date gets closer.

Update 1:

A load of pictures of the shoes and a hoodie have popped up on sneakerfreaker.com; what do you think?

AC Puma1
Image: Puma
AC Puma7
Image: Puma

Original Article:

The official Twitter account for Puma has teased an upcoming collaboration between the sportswear brand and Nintendo's Animal Crossing, a cute little life sim series you may have heard of. The latest entry released for Nintendo Switch in Marc—

Ah, you know what Animal Crossing is. The real question is what exactly could this animal-filled teaser image portend...

We're gonna go with sneakers. It's always sneakers, right? It was sneakers when they teased the Tetris X Puma collab, it was sneakers with the Puma X NES collab, and it was sneakers when they did a range of Mario crossovers, too. It would be silly to expect pizzas or umbrellas or something.

Nintendo just quote-tweeted Puma's image adding the line "Something new is on the horizon", too, so we'll update this post when we get a look at the incoming footwear. We've got our fingers crossed from something Raccoon-y. Timmy and Tommy trainers FTW.

Let us know what you think these Animal Crossing Pumas will look like below.

[source twitter.com, via sneakerfreaker.com]