19AW XSP Tetris RS X Product 105 RGB

Shoe and video game crossovers appear to be a thing now. Following on from Nike's Nintendo 64 Air Max tribute, Puma has now launched its previously announced Tetris-themed shoe and apparel line.

The PUMA x TETRIS collection includes Puma's "future-retro" RS 9.8 and RS-X sneakers. Both come in daring colours and feature falling Tetriminos. Here's some extra info:

Reflective trimmings and a 3D heat-cut TETRIS® tongue logo add to the striking look of the RS-X. The phrase “HARD DROP” printed on the RS-X’s 3D heel is a nod to the command in the game, which makes the Tetriminos land instantly.

If kicks alone aren't enough, you'll also be able to pick up a track jacket, tee and track pants. The PUMA x TETRIS collection is now available worldwide on the Puma website, at Puma Stores and from select retailers.

19AW XSP Tetris RS 98 Model 141 RGB

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