Back in early July we shared some details and a mini-interview about Chrono Faction, the next game from Mojo Bones - the team that brought us Siesta Fiesta back on 3DS. It's a CCG (collectible card game) with both solo and multiplayer modes, and it'll be a premium release featuring "no micro-transactions or F2P mechanics"; it also aims to "blur the lines between strategy and action".

You can check out our previous interview of course, and the studio has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help with optimisation and pushing the game over the line. The project is already well into development, the team is keen to emphasize, with planned release on Switch and Steam in Q4 this year.

CHRONO FACTION is a live project. Core design/development is well underway and the game is in a playable state on both PC and Switch. Online/back-end service is implemented and functional.

Funding is required for the following areas...

+ Completion of remaining art development (modelling, animations, card art, fx)
+ Completion of remaining tech development (online, AI, boss battling)
+ Completion of remaining design development (balancing, scripting, playtesting)
+ Translation/Rating
+ Platform submission

The campaign page is well worth a look and goes into plenty of detail on the game, such as the 'City Run' single player mode, competitive multiplayer in 'City War' and details on all the intricacies of its deck building.

Let us know what you think - is this on your radar for later this year?