Master Sword
Image: Gaming Reinvented

When it comes to Zelda weaponry, the old 'uns are generally the best 'uns in our book. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might give you a wealth of cool swords and spears and glowing Guardian blades to experiment with, but once you get your mitts on the Master Sword — the series' sacred blade — it can be hard to go back to using anything else.

Pulling the Blade of Evil's Bane from its stone in the forest isn't simply a case of giving it a firm yank — you'll need have collected a not-inconsiderable 13 hearts before you have the strength to wield it. Well, that was the case, although a newly discovered glitch lets you collect the sword regardless of how much many hearts you've got.

Using just a campfire (which you create by dropping some wood at your chosen spot and setting fire to it) to 'rest', it's possible to take the sword from the stone simply by mashing the 'A' button as you awaken after some bye-byes. Apparently discovered by Bot_W on Twitter, we haven't tried it ourselves just yet, but Gaming Reinvented has and has made a video showing just how easy it is:

Once you have access to Korok Forest, you simple sleep at a campfire on the sword's triangular plinth and hammer the 'A' button when you wake up. You'll grab the Master Sword without the requisite number of hearts and will be free to unleash its awesome power much sooner in the game than you 'should'.

Good news for everyone, then! Well, not for the various monsters and ne'er-do-wells in the game, but don't worry — they're digital. Just recently we saw that the Yiga Clan will happily grab the Master Sword if a glitch is used to make them spawn in Korok Forest, so it seems the bad guys have an opportunity to become the hero of Hyrule, too.

Let us know below if you've tried out this glitch below.

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