About a month ago Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny landed on Nintendo Switch, and despite some performance issues we gave it a hearty recommendation in our review. Its early sales, combined with plenty of predecessors, recently tipped the franchise past 5 million sales - not bad, Dood!

It's a full price - and meaty - experience, but there are also various DLC add-ons available now (with a couple still to come). Characters Fuka and Desco are among the options (as you can see in the trailer above), if you want a baseball fanatic and a wannabe end boss in your roster.

As you can see on the Nintendo of America product page there are a lot of add-ons - various characters are $3.99USD each, while some cosmetic options cost a little less. Killia and Usalia are the only characters that haven't landed yet but are expected by mid-August. There's a lot of optional extras, with a Season Pass at $34.99USD for the whole lot.

It certainly all qualifies as optional and is pretty typical practice in the games industry, and to be fair there's also a 'Disgaea 6 Starter Support Set' that's a free download. For eager franchise fans willing to spend more, though, there's obvious appeal in having iconic characters in the newest entry.

Let us know if you've been playing Disgaea 6, and whether you've been tempted by any of the DLC.