Update: The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem's Kickstarter is now live and, wowzers... Since going up on 1st June, the campaign has already amassed a staggering $3.66 million in funding. There are still 28 days left to go, so we dread to think how high the number will be by the end.

Back the project here, and learn more about it in our original article below.

Orignial Article (Tue 25th May, 2021 15:30 BST): Back in 2018, The Binding of Isaac game designer, Edmund McMillen, set up a Kickstarter to fund Four Souls – a card game inspired by the popular indie title. It ended up generating a whopping $2.65 million, and the card game hit retail stores the following year. Now, McMillen's back with a new expansion for the game and a new Kickstarter to bring in the cash.

The expansion is called 'Requiem' and adds more than 200 new cards to the already-existing Four Souls game. The Kickstarter will offer multiple tiers for backers to choose from, with rewards like Isaac-related figurines, plush figures, apparel and more being available depending on your choice.

Perhaps the most desirable of these rewards is the treasure chest which can hold over 1,000 cards in protective sleeves and comes with "multiple surprise goodies" alongside the new expansion.

Binding of Isaac Requiem

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