Mario Golf Super Rush

It's been just over seven years since we were last treated to a Mario Golf game, so Super Rush's arrival on Switch today is most welcome indeed.

With plenty of fan-favourite Mushroom Kingdom stars all correct and present, as well as some interesting new gameplay modes to freshen things up a little bit, Super Rush has no doubt been on the radar of many a Mario fan over the past few weeks. Critics haven't been as impressed with the game as we would have hoped, however, so perhaps any early excitement has been knocked down a peg or two?

To find out, we're handing things over to you. Will you be buying the game? Are you playing it as we speak? Cast your votes below, and feel free to expand upon your answers in the comments.

Will you be getting Mario Golf: Super Rush?

You can check out our full review of the game right here if you want to learn more about it before making your decision, or you can grab a physical copy here if you've already made up your mind. If you're getting started and want some hints and tips, meanwhile, we've written a big ol' Mario Golf: Super Rush guide for you. Enjoy!