Earlier in May, Target stores located in America temporarily suspended sales of various trading cards including Pokémon ones.

It was already fairly obvious tensions were high when a 35-year-old man was assaulted in a Target parking lot for his own purchase of some sports trading cards, and now video footage has emerged of adults swarming an aisle in another store, and clearing out entire shelves of cards within seconds. Note: this footage contains explicit language.

Pokémon News @TrainerINTEL "If you are lucky enough to spot some #Pokemon cards in the wild, please be respectful and leave some for other Trainers. Everybody deserves to enjoy the hobby and not have it ruined by scalpers."

This video was originally shared by tcg_grassi on Instagram and shows just how "in-demand" trading cards are in certain locations right now. In saying this, a lot of viewers on social media point out that these people are likely to be scalpers rather than legitimate fans - further stating how the cards and packs will probably end up on sites such as eBay for top dollar.

Many Pokémon Trading Card fans are now calling for more stores to remove the cards from aisles, and instead sell them behind the counter or online as well as limit purchases. Although Target suspended in-store sales, cards can still be purchase from its online shop.

[email protected] "Stores should have a policy where you can only purchase two packs at a time, or perhaps have the cards stocked behind the counter."

What do you make of the video above? Surprised to see people acting this way over trading cards? Leave a comment down below and stay safe out there.