Image: Easy Trigger Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Huntdown is a bit of a favourite in Nintendo Life Towers - oh, alright, it's a favourite of a couple of the team. With stylish retro visuals and difficulty that will make you hurl your Pro Controller out of the window, it's a run 'n gun that's dripping in style while being fun solo or in co-op.

It's been on lots of platforms as well as Switch, and today it drops on Steam. Notably, this latest version features an arcade mode, which sounds like a fun post-game option once you've mastered the mechanics.

It’s you versus the world as you’re pitted against players from all corners of the globe in a brutal battle to pummel your way up the leaderboards. Innovate and invent new ways to pulverize your foes to rack up your score, whether you make use of combo-kills, quickdraw weapon-swap bonuses, or just hurl criminals off the rooftops. In this nail-biting race against the clock, collect as many bounties as you can while you watch the numbers roll and strive to be the apex bounty hunter.

Our intrepid reviewer Gonçalo Lopes asked the developers on Facebook whether that mode will make it to the Switch version, and happily the answer was a positive one.

It will! Shortly after the steam release other platforms will also receive the new Arcade Mode in an update!

Let us know if you're a fan of Huntdown, and perhaps planning to try out the Arcade Mode when it drops.