Whisker Squadron
Image: Flippfly

As Nintendo isn't showing much enthusiasm for Star Fox at the moment, we're in the fortunate position of having a small number of Indie developers looking to fill the gap.

The latest to open its wings is Flippfly, the talented team that brought us Race the Sun on Wii U eShop and various other platforms. It's heading into the final stretch of developing Whisker Squadron, and has a Kickstarter campaign that is well on its way to being funded to help push the project to the best level possible.

As you can see in the trailer below, and indeed in the pitch itself, the Flippfly team is more than happy to own its love for Star Fox and its role as an inspiration for the project.

Though a campaign run will have similarities in structure to Nintendo's series, this is nevertheless a bit different. Each run will be through procedurally generated stages and boss encounters, and there'll be roguelike elements alongside daily challenges and leaderboards. In fun news for gamers of all descriptions it'll also be customisable, so you can make it easier for yourself or go the other way and up the ante.

As for platforms, the game is due in the middle of 2022 and the Switch is mentioned as a target system.

At this time, we are planning for Steam, Epic Games Store, and hopefully Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch at launch. We will finalize these plans in the coming months and keep you updated!

So there you have it, are you hoping to barrel roll through this on Switch?

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