Zelda Tarrey Town in Minecraft
Image: via Gaming Reinvented

We're all probably pretty used to seeing just how creative Minecraft players can be at this point, but when a new build just so happens to feature a well-known Legend of Zelda location, it simply can't be ignored.

The folks over at Gaming Reinvented have shared a video showing off their very own version of Tarrey Town, a fan-favourite location found in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As you'll see for yourself, the build comes complete with the Goddess Statue found in the town's centre, as well as the colourful houses and merchandise stands dotted all around it.

Check it out:

We've previously seen a Zelda fan recreate Breath of the Wild's map inside Minecraft, as well as a playable version of Link's Awakening. We can only imagine what it must be like to have these levels of creativity running through your gaming bones.

Anyone else suddenly wanting to jump back into Breath of the Wild for the hundredth time after hearing that music? Help us.