Breath of the Wild Minecraft

If we could really have anything we wanted for Christmas, we'd ask for Santa to go into our brains, Eternal Sunshine-style, and erase all traces of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not in a bad breakup, "I never want to see you again" way, but so we could play it all over again, and remember what it was like to be happy.

(Just kidding. We remember happiness. It's that thing you get when you eat your fourth Jaffa Cake of the day.)

We might get the chance to see it with fresh eyes, sort of, with this beautiful Minecraft map, made by Crockette22 (probably not their real name) that's available on Java and Bedrock Edition, so you can play it on your Switch!

Check out these images to see some of Hyrule's most recognisable landmarks, and go to the Planet Minecraft page for even more:

Breath of the Wild Minecraft