Image: Epic Games

Fortnite's latest season is coming to a close, but Chapter 2: Season 6 is ready to start on March 16th. Uniquely for the popular battle royale, that's kicks off with a special single-player narrative event, called the Zero Crisis Finale.

Outlined by Epic Games on a recent blog post, this event will bridge the gap between Season 5 and 6, showing the "conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission". It's one that's seen iconic characters like the Terminator, Predator, Ryu & Chun-Li and Ripley & the Xenomorph Queen appear throughout.

Unlike previous events, which required players to log in at a specific time, Zero Crisis Finale begins when you first log into Season 6, letting you join when it's convenient. That could be a response to previous server issues, considering December's Galactus event saw 15.3 million players log in at the same time.

Epic Games has also confirmed plans to let players watch this live premiere online first, should you prefer it. Calling it "our most ambitious story cinematic yet", stream details haven't been confirmed just yet, but we'd expect those to appear soon.