WARNING: This game trailer contains flashing graphics that could potentially trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

If you enjoyed the nail-biting Super Hexagon, a game where you have to dodge walls while terrifying rhythmic chiptunes pulse in your ears, then PUSS! will probably grab hold of your adrenaline gland in a similar way, as long as you can stomach the blinding, confusing surrealism of the rest of the game.

With an aesthetic somewhere between vaporwave and glitchcore, like a collage of rainbow nightmares made by Google's DeepDream after leaving them alone with a bunch of computer magazines from the '80s, PUSS! looks like the kind of game that will sear itself into your eyeballs. Not a single screenshot from this game looks anything like another. There's... a lot of pink. And cats.

Still, it has rave reviews on Steam, where it's been out for a couple of years, although even the positive reviews note that it's "energy draining" and "******* hard". With 150 levels, including a few boss fights, there's a fair bit to get through.

PUSS! will be available on Nintendo Switch on February 19th, priced at $11.99/£10.79, with a 20% launch discount taking it down to $9.59/£8.63.