Perhaps one of the more exciting reveals during this week's Nintendo Direct was Mario Golf: Super Rush. Although Nintendo didn't go into all that much detail, it seems it might have revealed more information than it intended to on the game page.

As spotted by many fans, it seems King Bob-omb could be a playable character. In the Speed Golf description, it was mentioned how "King Bob-omb can pelt the course with bombs". Nintendo has now updated the page.

Below is the original line, courtesy of Twitter user SherlockPrower:

"Tee off at the same time with up to three other players* and race through the course to get your ball in first. Outpace and interrupt your opponents with dashes and special shots. Luigi, for example, can freeze the green and King Bob-omb can pelt the course with bombs."

King Bob-omb originally appeared in the 1996 game, Super Mario 64. Since then, he's shown up in series like Mario Party and more recently appeared as a playable racer in the mobile game Mario Kart Tour.

Super Mario 64 - Nintendo Life IMG
Image: Nintendo Life

Assuming this isn't a mistake on Nintendo's end, would you like to be able to play as King Bob-omb in the new Mario Golf game? Any other character requests while we're at it? Tell us down below.

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