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Image: Capcom

We're over a month away from Monster Hunter Rise and – though the demo was recently removed from the Switch eShop – Capcom has been in full swing promoting its latest entry.

Despite a mostly positive reception, a few issues were spotted and there have been concerns about Rise's new gameplay mechanic, the Wirebug, which some believe seems rather complicated.

Within our demo impressions, we noted this mechanic too, agreeing it requires "a little bit of finesse to get used to". Letting you fly around the map, it provides further combat options, usable with each weapon for their own "Silkbind Attacks".

Speaking on this subject, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto acknowledged these concerns in a recent Capcom-Unity interview, replying:

It’s a completely new feature, so it’ll take some time to get used to, but you don’t need to whisk around the map right from the start, and we made sure the game is fun enough without using the Wirebug... If you manage to incorporate your Wirebug into your combos, your repertoire of moves will expand significantly, but what that means is that you’ll just have even more choice on top of the already rich amount of strategy you normally have.

Discussing those combat options further, Tsujimoto also calls the Wirebug "a lifesaver when used effectively", but there's good news if you aren't a fan. It's not essential to progress, so you can still advance just using Palamutes.

Perhaps due to the wide difference in traversal methods, Tsujimoto actively encourages using both options, saying "I hope everyone tries using their Canyne to get around as well".

Did you have issues with the Wirebug during Rise's demo? Share your thoughts down below.

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