Zelda Mod
Image: Waikuteru

Zelda fan and modder Waikuteru is back at it with another mod for the insanely popular Switch title Breath of the Wild.

Following on from the restoration of the unused Shrine 'Dungeon136', they've now decided to "re-imagine" what owning a house is like in the game. If you've played Breath of the Wild yourself, you'll know how you have to save up some supplies and rupees for Link's home. This mod apparently goes the extra mile - by actually making it "a worthwhile purchase".

"Outside of Hateno village is a cozy little house that you can purchase and become a homeowner! In the base game, the house serves little purpose beyond being a place to store some gear (and complete a quest)."

"This mod re-imagines owning a house in BOTW to make it a worthwhile purchase--something you’ll want to use regularly--all the while, retaining the original game feel and balance of the game."

To achieve this, Waikuteru has enhanced the house experience with a fast-travel point, a warm fire to prepare meals, a bed - which now allows Link to "sleep extra long" to regain three bonus hearts, and there are even paintings featuring concept art from the developers.

Topping it off is some "extra lighting and tasteful decorations" and Link gets his own personal pet (a chicken). There's also the ability to fish in the nearby pond for Hylian bass and store your trusty steed in a stable.

What do you think of these enhancements for Link's house? Would you like to have seen it get more use than it did in Breath of the Wild? Share your thoughts down below.

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