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Considering we're in a global pandemic, it wasn't too surprising that Monster Hunter's live-action movie adaptation didn't do all that well.

Sure, it topped the box office, but that's a low bar when so few people are keen on venturing into a cinema at the moment – it reclaimed just $20 million from a $60 million budget, so it's hardly going to have its producers rubbing their hands with glee. Still, second chances are a thing, and the film is getting a home release on March 2nd.

Brought to us by Resident Evil director Paul WS Anderson, it focuses on the story of Captain Natalie Artemis, a US Army soldier that gets pulled into the "New World" – a place where humans co-exist with a large number of powerful creatures.

It saw some controversy before release, leading to an apology from director Paul WS Anderson, and also had fans concerned over its deviations from the source material. Eventually releasing to mixed reviews, it currently sits at 49% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Image: Sony Pictures / Amazon

Available on 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD via Amazon, it's only coming up for pre-order in the United States right now, but we're sure an international release will soon follow.

Are you a Monster Hunter fan? Have you already watched the live-action film? Let us know down below.

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