Monster Hunter Movie

Paul W. S. Anderson's Monster Hunter movie has caused controversy in one of its key markets due to the presence of a racist joke.

The movie's Chinese premiere has reportedly been cancelled due to a scene in which one of the characters recites the rhyme "Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees - look at these" – a rhyme which is understandably considered offensive by many in Asia.

The film launched in China on December 3rd, and will be edited to remove the offending dialogue so it can return to general release. However, the uproar has negatively impacted the movie's standing in the country, which is arguably its biggest market.

Such is the fallout that Monster Hunter: World has gotten over 1,000 negative reviews on Steam, and Capcom has issued a statement making it clear that while it is aware of the controversy, it is not involved in the production of the film.

It begs the question – how did this line get into the script in the first place, and how did it make it into the final movie?