You've got it in your head now, don't you? The Mii Channel music is iconic, and for good reason: it's a banger. We've seen freestyle raps, remixes with dances, Otomatone covers, and a 10-hour version with almost ten million views.

Charles Cornell is a musician who's covered such broad-ranging musical topics as "That One Song That Everybody Plays On Piano", a cover of The Twelve Days of Christmas that gets progressively jazzier, and a series called "Piano Dub Vines", where he provides a soundtrack to well-known Vine videos. In short, he's putting his musical knowledge to good use.

His latest video, entitled "The Wii Theme Music Is Unironically Really Good", he talks about exactly why it's so good. We would have been satisfied with "it's just a gosh darn jam", but apparently it's all down to clever use of chords, time signatures, and accents to create one of the finest bops of our generation.

Wii Shop Music
Image: Charles Cornell

When Cornell plays the Wii Sports Theme on the piano, it sounds like something your parents might listen to at a classy jazz bar. Moving on to the Wii Shop Theme, he plays a few bars while showing the sheet music transcription, and it becomes clear just how intricate the song really is.

The video is well worth a watch for musicians and amateur Wii music fans alike, and if you're anything like us, you'll probably head over to the 10-hour version straight afterwards. Don't worry, we totally understand.

Are there any people who dislike the Wii music? Let yourself be known in the comments, if you dare.