The Wii was home to some incredible little tunes; not only did we have the fantastic Wii Shop Channel theme (which truly received the praise it deserved earlier this year when the channel closed down for good), but we also had the equally lovely Mii Channel theme.

We vividly remember our first day with the Wii, excitedly creating Mii characters for hours on end before we even got stuck into any games, and the Mii Channel's music will never fail to bring a smile to our faces. We're not alone in this either, as proven by this performance by James Marron.

Called 'Wii Freestyle', the piece was born out of pure love for the Wii's sedate soundtrack. Marron tells us, "I did this lil' freestyle because I always loved the Wii theme song. It reminds me a lot of good memories when I used to play to Wii Sports and Mario Party!" If you're going to freestyle over anything, this is absolutely the way to go, and the whole thing seems to be going down pretty well amongst fans on Instagram.

It also brings up the age-old topic of the Switch's current lack of musical goodness. The Wii's music was a part of the experience, and something most of us look back on with nothing but happiness; it's a shame that younger players might not have that with the Switch.

Now then, who's up for a Nintendo Life dance choreography session to the GameCube loading screen?