Super Mario World
Image: Nintendo

We've all seen bizarre gaming setups streamed online before – like that time someone played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate using a bunch of bananas as a controller, or Cadence of Hyrule being played on a dance mat – and the latest effort to catch our eye takes us back to the wonderous levels found within Super Mario World.

This time around, Australian Twitch streamer juzcook has been taking on the game's first world with a completely revamped control method – instead of a traditional controller, voice commands are used to make Mario jump, run, stop, and take steps left or right.

You can watch juzcook take on a number of levels over on Twitch right here, but this Twitter clip below shows one of the stream's best moments. Keep an eye on the timer as Mario listens to the commands in order to beat the 'Yoshi's Island 3' level:

We can't imagine getting very far without getting all flustered, saying the wrong thing, and then feeling guilty for shouting at Mario at making him fall of a cliff, so props to juzcook for smashing the level in style.

Now then, which other games would be fun with voice control? We'd happily watch any, to be honest.