Update: We've now got a trailer for the Switch version, which you can see (and hear) above. Check out that music!

Original Story [Wed 23rd Dec, 2020 16:00 GMT]: Developer Moss has revealed that it is bringing its 2007 shooter Raiden IV to Switch next year.

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix will arrive on April 22nd, 2021 in Japan, and will showcase new background music from various artists. These include "stages and boss tracks" which are "reborn through live performances and new arrangements."

The artists involved include the likes of Go Sato Band, Heavy Metal Raiden, Fantom Iris, O.T.K., Soshi Hosoi, Daisuke Matsumoto (Cave), Hirokazu Koshio and Keishi Yonao. You'll be able to switch to the original music, if you so wish.

A limited-edition version is being released in Japan which will include a soundtrack CD and a reprint of the original soundtrack CD. This will retail for 7,480 yen. The standard release will be 4,180 yen.

Here's some PR:

New Elements for Switch – With the ability to switch between the “Mikado Remix” background music set and the “Original” background music set, as well as the “Sound Mode” and “Stage Background Music Select” functions, you can enjoy the new sounds of Raiden to your heart’s content. Additionally, the game supports vertical screen play in both table and TV modes, recreating the full arcade experience.

A Full Suite of Game Modes – “Arcade Mode,” which is a complete port of the arcade game, as well as “Additional Mode” and “Overkill Mode,” which include the stages added for console, have been perfectly reproduced. Various other game modes are also available, including “Boss Rush Mode,” a series of battles against boss weapons, and “Score Attack Mode,” where you compete for the high score on a single stage.

Online Functionality – Compete against other players on the worldwide leaderboards in “World Ranking Mode.” You can also upload your gameplay online via “Replay Publish,” allowing you to show your recorded gameplay to the world and study the gameplay of your rivals. Use the online functionality to discover a strategy all your own.

Raiden IV was first released in arcades back in June 2007, and was ported to the Xbox 360 in October the following year. A PlayStation 3 release – entitled Raiden IV: OverKill – came in May 2014. You can view the trailer for that release below.

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