DOOM Eternal
Image: Bethesda

We don't imagine it's easy to be making games from home offices during the pandemic, but id Software's certainly making a good go of it. In a Twitter post on Tuesday, 16th December, the DOOM Eternal creators spoke of their 2021 plans, including The Ancient Gods - Part Two, the second part of the DLC which is not yet out on Switch.

However, the same tweet also promises "Switch campaign expansions" as well as "other general additions and improvements", so there's still stuff for us Nintendo kids. Given that they're also working on next-gen support, the invasion mode, and additions to the asymmetric multiplayer BATTLEMODE, it's hard to know exactly when the DLC will arrive on Switch. That's a lot of stuff for one team to handle!

Still, that might give you enough time to complete the campaign on Switch, which we gave 8/10 just a couple of weeks ago. Go to hell already!