Mario Royale

Earlier this week, we found out about a free-to-play fan-made 'Mario Royale' online game, allowing roughly 75 players to jump into a single level at the same time and race to the flagpole.

Obviously, we've seen Nintendo take swift action against projects that 'borrow' assets and code in the past, and sure enough, the creator of this Mario-themed battle royale creation has now received a takedown message from the video game giant.

In response to this, Mario has been swapped out for a custom-made avatar and some slight adjustments have been made to the existing enemies, power-ups, backgrounds and environmental objects on display. The trademark Mario Bros. sound effects are also reportedly gone and the game is now appropriately-named DMCA Royale.

According to Gaming Reinvented, the game still looks a little too similar to the source material and unsurprisingly has the same "level design and basic mechanics" as it. For more information about this fan-made battle royale, read our existing article.

Are you at all surprised to hear Nintendo has taken action against this Super Mario Battle Royale? Did you play this when it was still a Mario-themed game? Tell us below.