Control Remedy Entertainment
Image: Remedy

Say what you will about cloud-based gaming, but the fact that we can play Control: Ultimate Edition on our Switch consoles with cool next-gen features like ray-tracing is something to be celebrated, and with more major games on the way, this approach could see the Switch's library expanded in interesting ways.

However, not everybody is invited to this cloud-based party, it seems. Our Australian correspondent, Liam Doolan, has noticed that Control (downloaded from the North American eShop) is rendered unplayable in his part of the world.

Control – and Hitman 3, which is also a cloud version – both require stable and strong internet connections to funnel all of that data to your Switch console (as well as send back your inputs to the server).

As suggested by Australian site Vooks, that infrastructure might not exist in many parts of Australia (xCloud and Stadia aren't available down under, either) – but another issue is that the servers pumping out this data are most likely regional, and so if Control hasn't been officially launched in your country, you won't be able to play it – even if you download the game from another eShop region.